Accounting Supervision

In most cases, companies with their own in-house accounting departments employ a chief accountant, finance manager, or CFO to supervise the accounting department’s work. In various situations, such internal accounting supervision turns out to be insufficient. The most common cases we encounter include the chief accountant going on maternity leave or subsequent resignations of persons hired to the chief accountant position.

As part of the accounting supervision service we offer, our company is able to quickly substitute for the chief accountant in the case of her longer, scheduled absence, such as maternity leave, and finish the project when she is ready to come back to work. In this way, our client does not have to incur high recruitment costs or struggle with problems like the reluctance of competent people to take up fixed-term employment or the need to terminate the person who has been covering for the chief accountant on a temporary basis. Quite importantly, the competent person who used to serve in the role of a chief accountant can have a clear picture as to her return to work, which in turn minimizes the risk of losing a valuable employee. An additional benefit for the client may be the opportunity to use our know-how and streamline selected processes during the project.

In case a company faces high turnover in the position of chief accountant – who changes several times in a row within a short time span – true supervision over the accounting department’s activities is virtually lost. Subsequent recruitment procedures generate high costs and an increased risk of further turnover. The alternative we suggest is using the accounting supervision service. As a company with a very rich resource of specialists, our advantage over an individual candidate for the chief accountant’s role lies in our ability to temporarily delegate several people to take over processes, correct historical errors, write down procedures and, ultimately, book the necessary documents and stabilise the situation in the accounting department. When this state is achieved, the client may decide whether they would prefer to come back to a full-fledged in-house accounting department including the chief accountant or whether it might be more convenient for them to work within the external accounting supervision model.

Features of accounting supervision

As part of the accounting supervision service, the scope of activities and functions is always customized to the client’s needs; most frequently, it includes the following:

– supervision over the correctness of postings,

– control over or preparation of the CIT return,

– control over or preparation of the JPK standard audit file as well as VAT returns and registers,

– providing ongoing support for the accounting team,

– writing down procedures and describing processes,

– optimization of the accounting system and accounting tools, along with data import design.

Seeking a replacement for the chief accountant is an issue a company may face for a number of different reasons, and we believe that our services, including accounting supervision, may in many cases be the most reasonable solution to choose in both the short and long term.

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