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A decision to go for outsourcing does not have to entail a one-off and complete transfer of the accounting area to a third-party provider. Businesses, often due to their complex structures or the scale of their activities (large companies, groups, etc.), would like this process to be divided into smaller stages and not to involve drastic personnel or organizational changes.

The majority of accounting offices approach this issue in a binary way only, either suggesting that the entire finance area be handed over to them or not undertaking any cooperation with a demanding and complex client. Not only does such an approach raise legitimate concerns, but it also renders it difficult to make a decision that, in principle, should bring a number of benefits to the business.

Process outsourcing – accounting, HR and payroll

To meet such specific expectations of your business, the Katowice and Warsaw teams of MDDP Outsourcing not only offer comprehensive accounting services but also provide services in selected areas related to the business’s accounting.

We can support your business to the extent adjusted to your current needs by taking over those accounting, HR, and payroll processes that you are already sure you would like to outsource. We believe that by cooperating within a framework established in this way, we will be able to convince you of the rightness of your choice, and the quality of our handling of your financial processes will become a solid foundation for building longer, more extensive collaboration.

Among the many tasks and processes carried out as part of customized MDDP Outsourcing services, we offer the following:

  • posting of purchase and sales invoices;
  • analysis of settlements, ageing of receivables;
  • VAT returns, CIT calculations;
  • accounting for employee expenses and business trips;
  • keeping employee documentation;
  • calculating payrolls;
  • creating reports, including management reports;
  • managing payments and bank accounts.

Although our experience shows that a comprehensive approach works best in the case of accounting services as well as HR and payroll services, we are just as diligent in handling individual processes you entrust to us.

In their everyday work, the Polish accounting office MDDP Outsourcing teams use solutions that automate work, such as the Electronic Document Workflow. This system allows us to support your processes, regardless of the accounting software you currently use. We are looking forward to working with you. Feel welcome to take advantage of the support offered by MDDP Outsourcing experts. Our specialists in Katowice and Warsaw will be happy to answer your questions and to present our offer and prices of services associated with selected accounting processes.

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