MDDP Outsourcing teams in Warsaw and Katowice are comprised of educated and creative people striving for self-development!

We are characterised by extensive knowledge, rich experience, cooperation skills and caring about the best interest of our Customers. We are open to changes that improve the quality of our work and facilitate contacts with our Customers. Our team members know that commitment has a direct impact on the quality of our accounting and payroll services and on the business decisions made by our Customers, which is why we perform all tasks with special diligence.

Offices in Katowice and Warsaw promote exchange of experience between employees from two large urban agglomerations situated in different regions of the country.

From the very beginning of careers in MDDP Outsourcing team, all employees are included in a training system, covering sets of specialised seminars, professional courses and soft skills training sessions. What makes us stand out is collaboration between Accounting, Taxes and Human Resources specialists, which permits faster and more effective work resulting in professional delivery of the tasks ordered by our Customers. That also brings the possibility of continuous striving for positive changes, learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge in a dynamic environment, and grabing promotion opportunities.

Here’s how simple our hiring process is

As we expect our employees to be committed to good business relations with our Customers and to provision of high-level services, here are some competencies required from the perfect candidate:

  • work organisation and planning skills
  • team work skills
  • analytical thinking
  • commitment
  • communication skills
  • building and development of their job potential

We create actual development possibilities! Subsequent career stages involve new duties and responsibilities that directly influence personal development. Our priority is to prepare an employee to work unassisted at each post and to build proper relations with our Customers. We want the MDDP Outsourcing team to be joined by creative people with both theoretical knowledge and team work skills.