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Benefits of outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing accounting, personnel and payroll services

Why accounting outsourcing and personnel and payroll outsourcing should be chosen by every entrepreneur who has actual plans of developing their company? From our experience, we might say that there are at least several reasons for the outsourcing of those areas. Here are some of them.

Specialist knowledge of experienced and recognized experts – available at hand

In the times of ever-changing tax regulations and new provisions in acts, attempts to follow the amendments may involve problems and additional strain put on internal teams. Although it would seem that larger organizations are able to ensure that the knowledge of their internal teams is up-to-date, such knowledge alone might not be enough to address such changes. More often, it is experienced in a particular field of knowledge that allows choosing the most optimum solution, as well as saving lots of time and giving satisfaction from making the correct decision.

Our partners, managers, and experts who own ACCA titles, auditors, and tax advisors offer such support to customers as a part of constant cooperation. We take over the burden of responsibility and the decision-making process that have a great impact on the development of the enterprise. This way, each party is able to do what they specialize in and what they prefer the most.

Proven processes that have been planned and implemented in many well-recognized companies

For years of cooperation with customers representing various industries, we developed hundreds of procedures that can be applied in every type of business activity. We know how to adapt them to the individual needs of customers, sparing them the strenuous and long process of developing internal procedural records.

Entrepreneurs have no interest in “reinventing the wheel”. When the organization decides, however, to create completely new guidelines on its own, it must be aware of the risk of expensive mistakes resulting from a lack of experience in this matter.

Solutions and methodology of the accounting outsourcing ready for fast implementation of the outsourcing services

The development of own solution or system that will be responsible for the needs of the organizations and satisfy all the aspects imposed by the legislator can be just as problematic as in the case of the development of procedures. Changes in regulations often force an immediate reconfiguration of tools and software, so that they will be adapted to the current requirements. It refers not only to systems used for electronic circulation of documents but also to e-files, settlement of delegations, etc.

The financial and accounting or HR and payroll systems developed by our experts are not only adjusted to the customer’s needs but also do not require a painstaking implementation process and a multi-stage installation. The one-time parameterization allows the effective application of facilities and automation, which reduces the time needed for most accounting processes. What is more, our team is responsible for continuous improvements and updates of tools, which saves a great amount of the customer’s time and resources.

Scalable systems and processes adjusted to the company’s stage of development

Regardless of whether someone chooses internal accounting or outsourcing – if the growth of the company is dynamic, the accounting department is not able to catch up with the changes. The reasons are numerous, but they all can be summed up as lack of scalability. At the accounting office MDDP Outsourcing, we are strongly focused on providing perfect services for our customers along the development process of their business. We provide it on several levels:


  • we offer a set of accounting and automation systems, access to which can be added at a relevant development stage of the organization,
  • the systems we offer can be included in a smaller organization, e.g. circulation of documents with 2 approving persons, as well as in large companies, at which the flow of approvals involves dozens or even hundreds of persons,
  • there is no need for implementation of the proposed systems; using them only requires parameterization, depending on the current scale of demands.


  • the team of MDDP Outsourcing consists of over 200 specialists, which is an invaluable asset in case of unexpected absence or other random events,
  • the size of the team designated for the customer always acknowledges the possibility of replacements and support in case of a rapid increase of the number of tasks and demands,
  • our specialists update their knowledge on a regular basis, as a part of the training system that facilitates an environment that encourages constant development and undertaking new challenges.


  • our work is process-oriented; we constantly analyze and organize the work of the teams to achieve the maximum efficiency appropriate for the scale of undertaken actions,
  • according to the rule of continuous accounting, we process documents on each day, working on a linear manner rather than in increments, which allows us to have a constant insight into the entrusted tasks,
  • Guided by the idea of continuous improvement, we always seek for the opportunities to seal and improve our processes so that we can adjust our solutions to the changing circumstances.

Focusing resources on key areas of business

In business, especially in the case of large enterprises, processes that support the operations (such as accounting, HR or payrolls) consume a significant amount of time that could have been otherwise devoted to the development of offered products and services. The division of resources at a company into “core” operations and the “back office” results in a situation in which both those areas do not use their whole potential.

The parallel development of the offer as well as caring for recruitment processes, internal training, and administration (e.g. system updates, creation of internal procedures) is a challenge that often is beyond entrepreneurs’ capabilities. In such a situation, using specialist accounting services will not only remove the burden from the entrepreneurs but also reassure them that they care for every aspect of their business in the best possible way.

What is more, entrusting that range of duties to the experienced experts at MDDP Outsourcing allows focusing all the attention and work of internal teams on improving and expanding the portfolio of products and contractors of the customer’s company.

Guarantee of safety and continuous services

Every entrepreneur, regardless of the stage of development of their company, must acknowledge the risk connected with undesired failures and downtimes. The reasons can be various and it is impossible to keep predicting them all the time, while the consequences can be, unfortunately, very harmful to the whole organization. There is no known recipe for all the scenarios. How, then, one should prepare themselves for such emergencies?

Companies create such procedures for their basic activities, skipping the administrative part. Such an oversight or deliberate omission of crucial areas (in terms of business) may bring harmful results for the entrepreneur.

Aspects that are skipped by our customers are the main area of development and improvements for our specialists. By deciding to use the support of experts at MDDP Outsourcing, entrepreneurs are provided with carefully prepared, safe procedures and do not need to invest a great amount of attention, time, and resources in their creation. Another thing that distinguishes our company is the experience gained by MDDP Outsourcing during the cooperation with various entities. As a result, we work on a much wider spectrum of possible risks and we are able to precisely determine the best practices adjusted to the individual needs of the customer.

Thanks to an internal team dedicated to developing safety systems, we constantly enhance the digital quality of solutions that we offer as a part of the cooperation. Contrary to smaller agencies, we use proprietary tools, which minimize the risk of failures and problems connected with software updates. Thanks to the scale, flexibility and process-oriented approach towards executed actions, the team of MDDP Outsourcing ensures that the dynamically changing requirements of a contemporary business are seamless for the customer’s operations, allowing you to stay calm and focus on aspects necessary to help your company grow.

Limitation of costs unrelated to the direct offer of the company

Reduction of costs is often an underestimated factor that results from the cooperation with an external company that handles the accounting, personnel, and payroll processes. Such a situation might originate from an unreliable analysis, a typical error of financial departments at enterprises.

However, such costs not only stand for the amount of remuneration for employed persons, monthly bills or (what might be even more important) the time invested in matters that are not directly connected with the area of business activity of the company. They also include:

  • costs of preparing and implementing scalable systems,
  • expenditures for data security and protection of confidential information,
  • incurred costs connected with wrong decisions and oversights,
  • expensive training within the scope of changes in taxes and new instructions,
  • costs of recruitment, training and integration for employees.

Very often, it appears that the total of those costs is several times higher than the amount we have currently been considering as fixed costs. However, this amount is not directly connected with the services or products offered by the customer.

All in all, it is the entrepreneur who decides on whether they need the support of an outsourcing company. However, in order to encourage the analysis of all the “pros” and “cons” of such a choice, we recommend answering a simple question:

How much time and resources do I invest in handling my business instead of in its development?

From our experience, we may say that the goal of making the right decision is at hand.

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