Financial Statements

Preparation of financial statements does not only serve the purpose of fulfilling the obligations imposed by the legislator. Financial statements of a limited liability company, joint-stock company, limited partnership, registered partnership, and professional partnership also allow managing the enterprise and outlining further development.

Financial statements and reporting services of MDDP Outsourcing

Preparation of a financial statement at the end of the year – which might be surprising – is not a process that fits perfectly in everyday accounting. The knowledge used in the routine booking is very often insufficient for the preparation of a financial statement, regardless of whether it is prepared according to Polish, international or other regulations. In many cases, deferred tax or valuation of assets are prepared once per year, only during the closure of a financial year.

What is more, there is a time factor – accountants who have a lot of work on a standard basis must very often prepare the financial statement in their overtime – it means that in many cases the quality of financial statements is insufficient. In the end, we may add that a process that is performed once a year will never be as efficient, effective, and refined as processes performed daily.

Financial reporting of the company

When entrusting an accounting office MDDP Outsourcing with the preparation of financial statements, you are guaranteed that they will be reviewed and drawn up by a team that prepares hundreds of statements on a yearly basis. Such experience translates into perfect, practical knowledge and the ability to present correct data.

The offer of MDDP Outsourcing covers:

  • preparation of financial statements according to IAS/IFRS, for limited liability companies, registered and professional partnerships, joint-stock companies, etc.
  • consolidation of financial statements,
  • handling of the audit of the financial statement,
  • preparation of statements in Polish and English,
  • Conversion to the format of electronic financial statements.

We always try to adapt the elements and method of preparation of the financial statement to your individual needs, providing you with a reliable approach towards the preparation of the statement, as well as with support in submitting it to the National Court Register.

Financial statement of a limited liability company

The financial statement of a limited liability company is a document that contains general information on company operations during the year recognized from the financial perspective. A standard financial statement of a limited liability company should comprise a balance sheet, a profit and loss account, and additional information. In the case of entities operating in specific industries, it is also necessary to prepare a statement of changes in equity and a cash flow statement.

The knowledge in international regulation allows us to cooperate with entities with foreign capital as well. By using advanced IT tools, we are able to fully control the correctness of financial statements of limited liability companies, eliminating the risk of errors.

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