Electronic payslips and PIT-11

Although the obligation of providing payslips is not imposed by the provisions provided for in the act, employers very often apply such a process. It is a crucial benefit for the employees since it allows them to have access to ongoing information presenting the basis for the amount of remuneration paid for a particular period.

Preparation and distribution of payslips

The process of sending payslips by mail or distributing them personally at the company’s registered office is time-consuming (especially in the case of large companies or companies with many localizations), but it also may give rise to unnecessary complications arising from using an incorrect addressee or withholding the shipment during the employee’s absence.

In order to avoid such complications, it is worthwhile to rely on automation of further areas that cover employees’ remunerations.

Generation of electronic payslips

As a part of improving personnel and payroll services at MDDP Outsourcing, we offer you the possibility of preparing electronic payslips and distributing them by electronic means. By choosing our offer, you will allow your employees to have convenient access (e.g. via e-mail) to information on the components of remuneration payable for a particular period of performed work.

For you, however, it means the end of problems connected with manual preparation and distribution of payslips, i.e. less work on the side of the back-office team and more time for the development of key areas in your business. At a larger scale, it may stand for a significant reduction of administration costs, especially in the case of hundreds or thousands of persons employed by the company.

The transition to e-slips also increases the safety of confidential data presented on the payslips. Elimination of indirect stages in the distribution process allows safer storage of information, decreasing the liability of employees who distribute the slips.

Distribution of PIT-11 via electronic mail

We offer you a similar improvement also within the scope of distribution of annual PIT-11 declarations. By choosing services of MDDP Outsourcing, you gain the possibility of sending those declarations to employees’ e-mail addresses, while maintaining the highest level of safety. All the sent files are encrypted with a unique password.

Such an automatic process of sending PIT-11 greatly speeds up and streamlines the distribution of annual declarations for employees, which, as a result, saves your time and significantly minimizes the amount of work you need to perform in this process.

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