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Changes in income taxes come into force in 2019
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Accounting services in Poland

Starting your business activity in Poland requires a couple of steps to be completed. One of the main is selecting your business entity – whether it will be a branch, limited liability company or other. Depending on your choice, as well as depending on size of your operations, industry, there are selected requirements to be fulfilled. To list most common:

  • maintain the books of account, in Polish language and in Polish currency
  • report to Tax Office, mainly VAT, CIT, PIT
  • report to Social Security
  • at year end, prepare Financial Statements, again in Polish language and Polish currency

The list of requirements goes further in details (unfortunately, there is no official translation to English), for example requiring accounting software to be in Polish or describing such details as numbered pages of the books printouts.

We believe that for many international companies there is no real alternative for accounting in Poland other than signing a service agreement with professional accounting service provider. In our opinion in MDDP Outsourcing we may fulfill your requirements:

  • Experience in providing services for international groups – more than 90% of our Clients has mother company abroad. We have broad experience cooperating with groups from Europe, US, and other parts of the world. We will understand your expectations
  • High level service standard  - as we cooperate with many recognized international Groups, we know the expectations of international Clients, deadlines, importance of reporting, etc.
  • We provide services for Clients with IFRS, US GAAP and other reporting standards. As in Poland you have to keep ledgers according to Polish GAAP (most cases), we have the skills to prepare mapping to your GAAP
  • Our staff speaks English – which is crucial for good cooperation with international companies. This sounds obvious but it’s not common.
  • We provide tools allowing to meet polish regulations as well as improve work efficiency – as electronic workflow, access to accounting system, business travel solution,
  • We provide full scope services – accounting, reporting, payroll, cash management, tax advisory.