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Accounting services with English language

MDDP Outsourcing provides accounting services using Polish and/or English as a main communication language for companies registered in Poland with mother entity abroad, or for companies with international transactions.

Based on many years of experience we understand, that knowledge of English in accounting team is not sufficient to meet expectations of entities with mother company abroad or with many entities around the globe. Number of international investors in Poland is growing, and due to this fact we are implementing solutions which should help them manage their accounting operations in Poland. Access to data and documents in English is important factor of accounting services provided by MDDP Outsourcing.

Accounting services with English as main language at MDDP Outsourcing

For our Clients with group reporting in English, or having English as a main communication language for any other reason, we have developed a package of solutions significantly increasing effectiveness of accounting services:

  • chart of accounts is bilingual, both in Polish and English
  • description of every booking is bilingual, both in Polish and English
  • Electronic Workflow System is both in Polish and English, and each user can switch version in every moment

Above mentioned solutions allow us to avoid situation, where during reporting controllers from group level have to consult transactions with polish accountants – as they do not understand polish and thus see just figures. Using our accounting services, controllers are able to verify transactions on their own, reducing time spent on communication even by 90%, as well as speeding accounting processes. This allows to speed up other processes, which are dependent on accounting services.

MDDP Outsourcing qualified expert for accounting services in English is:

Accounting services for starting business in Poland | MDDP Outsourcing - Rafał Michniewicz
Rafał Michniewicz

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