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Workflow - e-archive module

When approving an invoice, it is often required to have additional documents concerning it e.g. agreements, protocols etc. The huge amount of such documentation as well as frequent  difficulties with finding relevant documents in day-to-day activity make this process laborious, and therefore inefficient. Having an access to selected documents (in scanned version) increases efficiency of every company. Electronic document databases have increasingly replaced  large amounts of paper documents, since finding them in a paper version takes a long time, even if they are perfectly archived or stored.

E-archive module in Flexi Workflow system

In Flexi Workflow system, the above-mentioned problem was taken into account, which resulted in creating e-archive, which is a separate module for archiving and classifying records divided into categories. It can be used independently of the other modules of the system, but it acts perfectly in alignment with the module for processing invoices. The documents such as agreements, appendices, specifications and cost estimates are associated with the invoice and arranged in the system by the nomenclature adopted by a Client . These attachments , scanned into the system at any time, are stored in the database.

The ability to combine invoices with the relevant attachment (it can be such a file as xlsx, pdf, doc) in database is a user-friendly functionality. Due to this solution, it is possible for the user to have a preview of the agreement to check whether it is compatible with other records included in the attachment.

Advantages of using e-archive:

  • storing the documents electronically in one place, in many convenient formats as PDF, doc, xls,
  • easy access via the Internet to all the documents of the Company, without necessity of searching them in loose-leaf binders,
  • reducing the  time spent on searching for a document, due to advanced filtering and sorting capabilities,
  • connecting contracts with invoices and conversely – invoices with contracts, which allows user  to complete the necessary information during the invoice approval,
  • storing documents without saving them to disk and possibility to copy or print documents.


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