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FlexiSolutions - Flexi Workflow System (EDW)

There is still a high percentage of traditional (paper) documents workflow in Poland. As an effect data processing suffers inefficiency. In Flexi Workflow System the whole data flow process is digitalized. At the beginning all traditional documents are scanned in order to be introduce to electronic workflow system.

Moduł skanowania systemu FlexiWorkflow

Scanning module in the system is prepared in a way which enables the user to scan whole package of received purchase documents from counterparties and at the same time in a fully automated way for each document package to create a single record (scan and metric) which next is a subject to individual approval path.

This process stage can be assigned to each employee due to the possibility of connecting  scanning device to computer via USB.

Further efficiency is achieved through the use of barcodes. Sticking barcode generates numerous benefits :

  • barcode gives the sequence number of the scanned invoice
    it's also and a link between the paper version archived in a file and its electronic equivalent in the system,

  • time-consuming invoice registration process is eliminated
    invoices received after loading into the system with the necessary data, such as registration number and date of scanning,

  • barcodes enable scanning invoices in batches
    barcode is the separator, which is recognized by the system each time. Thanks to this, each texture unit is read and the system treats it as a single print job to the appropriate user in the later stages of invoice processing.


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