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Bookkeping and accounting in Poland


Bookkeeping rules, accounting in Poland | MDDP Outsourcing

Accounting and bookkeeping rules in Poland are regulated by a few important acts that you must know, before registering or moving your company to our country.

We are well aware of current standarts (national and international) , so for our foreign partners we gathered most of the important regulations for those entities whose registered offices or places of executive management are located on the territory of Poland.

What do you need to know about bookkeeping rules in Poland?

  • the regulations governing and affecting the bookkeeping rules in Poland
  • entities subject to the applying to provisions of the Accounting Act
  • adoption and applying of IAS (International Accounting Standards
  • language and currency for Keeping the books of accounts
  • financial statements and financial reporting regulations

General Rules | Entities | Accounting standards | Currency & language | Reports & statements