Extra vacation for sanitary culling


Under the Act of December 14th, 2017 on amending certain acts to facilitate the control of infectious animal diseases, a new 6-day vacation has been enforced (payable as holiday leave) for people engaged in sanitary culling of animals.

Pursuant to the Act, a person authorized to hunting, performing sanitary culling, is entitled to an additional vacation to be used on the day of performing this hunting.

The employee is obliged to inform the employer about the reason and expected period of absence from work due to the sanitary culling and agree the date of that absence. An additional proof justifying absence from work is a written statement of the entity, who was ordered to carry out a sanitary culling, confirming the participation of a an employee in this hunting on a given day.

Is the employer entitled to refuse to give the employee such free time?

No. The regulations indicate that the employer is obliged to accept the absence from work at the agreed time.

Barbara Kochańska-Mierzejewska
Manager at MDDP Outsourcing

The total amount of this additional vacation may not exceed 6 days in a given calendar year. The regulations does not result in possibility of transferring unused in a given year leaves to subsequent calendar years. For the time of absence from work related to the culling of animals, the employee preserves the right to remuneration calculated in accordance with the rules appropriate for determining the remuneration due for regular holiday leave.

The above provisions came into force on January 17th, 2018.