Individual accounting processes

The decision on the choice of outsourcing does not have to involve any single and comprehensive transfer of accounting to an external provider. Very often, companies, due to their complex structures or size of business (large companies, capital groups, etc.), want to have that process divided into smaller stages and to avoid drastic changes in terms of personnel and organization.

Most accounting offices have only a black-and-white approach and propose that they should be entrusted with the whole financial area or do not commence approach at all in case of demanding and complex customers. Such a strategy does not only evoke justified concerns but also makes the decision-making process more difficult, while such a decision should, theoretically, result in a set of advantages for the company.

Outsourcing of processes – accounting, personnel, and payrolls

In order to face such specific expectations of your company, the MDDP Outsourcing team offers not only comprehensive accounting services but also renders services within selected areas connected with the accounting of your business.

We can provide support for your business within a range that will be adjusted to your current needs, by accepting those accounting, personnel, and payroll processes which the designation of which you are already certain. We believe that cooperation with such a framework allows us to convince you as to the correctness of the choice made, while the quality of our process handling will constitute solid foundations to build a longer, more extensive cooperation.

Among many tasks and processes implemented as a part of tailor-made services, MDDP Outsourcing offers:

  • booking of purchase and sales invoices,
  • analysis of settlements, aging of receivables,
  • VAT declarations, CIT calculations,
  • settlement of expenditures and employee delegations,
  • maintenance of employee documentation,
  • calculation of payrolls,
  • generation of reviews and management reports,
  • handling payments and bank accounts.

Although according to our experience, it appears that a comprehensive approach towards accounting services and personnel and payroll services is the most effective solution, we ensure the same diligence in case of handling individual processes that you have already entrusted us with.

In their everyday work, MDDP Outsourcing teams use automatic solutions, such as e.g. Electronic Workflow of Documents. That system allows us to support you in the processes you implement, regardless of the accounting software you are currently using.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our offer, we highly encourage you to contact us or one of our stationary accounting offices: in Warsaw (Mazovian District) or in Katowice (Silesian District).

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