Accounting Services for a Registered Partnership

A registered partnership is an unincorporated partnership. Its attractiveness is related, among other things, to the fact that it can be established without the need for an initial capital by both natural and legal persons (e.g. public limited companies) as well as the ease of its establishment and low registration costs. One of its disadvantages is the unlimited liability of partners.

Keeping accounts for registered partnerships

For your partnerships, we offer accounting solutions and services adjusted to the statutory provisions governing the accounting of registered partnerships. We offer accounting services under both the simplified accounting system and the full accounting system, with the latter requiring, i.a., accounting books to be kept. Thanks to their expert knowledge and experience, our specialists will provide you with comprehensive services tailored to your needs. 

Accounting services for a registered partnership provided by MDDP Outsourcing include, among others, the following:

A registered partnership’s accounting varies depending on whether the partnership is just starting its operations or has been present in the market for a longer time, as well as on the income it generates. The method of running the accounts of registered partnerships is regulated by the Accounting Act, pursuant to which:

  • a registered partnership that is just starting its operations or whose revenue for the preceding financial year did not exceed EUR 2 million may keep simplified accounting records;
  • a registered partnership that has already been operating for some time and its revenue for the preceding financial year exceeded EUR 2 million is obliged to keep full accounting records.

Extensive knowledge and many years of experience of specialists from the Warsaw and Katowice MDDP Outsourcing teams make it possible for us to keep simplified and full accounting records of registered partnerships in a professional and comprehensive manner. Thanks to the solutions and systems we use, we provide our clients with accounting, HR, and payroll services of the highest quality.

Preparation of financial statements

While operating a full accounting system, the owners of registered partnerships are also obliged to prepare financial statements as at the balance sheet date based on the accounting books kept. By entrusting your partnership’s accounting to our specialists, you can rely on the timely and professional preparation of the required financial statements. If you commission our experts to prepare financial statements, you will have the guarantee that the statements will be drawn up and checked by experienced professionals, who will make every effort to ensure that your financial statements have been prepared correctly and without mistakes.

Online access to data

As part of services provided to your registered partnership, we enable remote access to the advantages and solutions we offer. Based on electronic document workflow, our remote accounting service will allow you to have a legible and transparent view of your invoices and to approve them at any time using computers and mobile devices.

Online accounting, in addition to the remote approval of invoices and orders, also allows for constant and unlimited access to employee documentation, including electronic holiday requests.

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