Accounting services for companies in special economic zones (SEZ)

Running an enterprise is associated with a multitude of obligations and regulations related to company management. Compliance with the successively adopted (and constantly amended) statutory provisions often means additional costs incurred by the entrepreneur, which effectively hinder business development in many cases.

In order to facilitate the functioning of a company in business reality, it is worth considering relocating to one of the special economic zones (SEZ). We provide comprehensive accounting, HR, and payroll services to Polish and foreign companies that consider the reliefs and facilities offered by special economic zones in Poland.

Accounting for entities operating in SEZs – our offer

The Act on Special Economic Zones gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to use various types of reliefs and tax exemptions. The team of MDDP Outsourcing experts helps companies take full advantage of the potential of operating within an SEZ.

Our offer of comprehensive accounting services for your company includes:

  • bookkeeping,
  • HR and payroll outsourcing,
  • preparation of financial statements for entities operating in SEZs in accordance with IAS and IFRS,
  • accounting for income tax, having regard to the preferential conditions offered by SEZs,
  • accounting for investments in an SEZ for the purposes of obtaining a tax exemption,
  • assistance in booking subsidies and other forms of state aid,
  • proper allocation of the entity’s costs and revenues related to its operations in and outside an SEZ,
  • analysis of the possibility of using the benefits related to the company’s operation in an SEZ concurrently with other forms of state aid,
  • assistance in filling out the SSE-R form,
  • monitoring and notification of changes in tax regulations related to SEZs.

Online access to documents, invoices and reports

The value of automation and constant access to information is even greater wherever there are strictly defined regulations that set out the conditions for obtaining funds or support from local institutions. By using modern technologies in everyday work, we enable you to take advantage of remote access to the solutions and benefits we offer. Thanks to the electronic documents workflow system, you have full control over the organization’s documentation, ensuring that all projected actions are carried out as planned.

What are special economic zones?

With a number of reliefs and exemptions, SEZs are specially designated administrative areas in Poland that provide preferential terms for conducting business activities. The purpose of their existence is to support companies in investments and initiatives that can contribute to the development of a given region, e.g. by creating new jobs.

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) in Poland

Currently, there are 14 special economic zones in Poland: Kamienna Góra SEZ, Katowice SEZ, Kostrzyn-Słubice SEZ, Cracow SEZ, Legnica SEZ, Łódź SEZ, Mielec SEZ, Pomorska SEZ, Słupsk SEZ , Starachowice SEZ, Suwałki SEZ, Tarnobrzeg SEZ, Wałbrzych SEZ and Warmińsko-Mazurska SEZ. Each special economic zone covers not only the major city itself but also designated towns and neighbouring areas.

Regardless of where your company operates, experts from our accounting offices in Katowice and Warsaw are at your disposal.

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