Accounting services for technology companies

We are perfectly aware of the fact that every industry has its specific needs when it comes to such a significant aspect as accounting. Information Technology is the industry that uses advanced technologies and that is willing to utilize such technologies as well.

Accounting in the IT industry is often associated with frustrating experiences – many processes, in the opinion of people from the tech industry, are too bureaucratic, slow, and archaic. In the case of an industry connected with technology, the comprehensive nature of accounting services should be accompanied by their mobility, as well as online access to each of the elements of the offer.

Knowing the duties arising from regulations, which are impossible to avoid, we try, whenever possible, to use technologies to enhance processes so that they are as effective as possible.

Accounting services offered by MDDP Outsourcing for the IT industry include, among others:

  • accounts management
  • hr & payroll services
  • support with modern solutions, such as:
    • Electronic Documents Workflow,
    • employee e-files and electronic holiday request forms,
    • online reporting

Comprehensive accounting services for tech companies also stand for the highest quality care for other aspects regarding bookkeeping.

Financial audits and fiscal audits

Knowing the working methods in the information technology industry, as a part of the granted authorization, we accept inspectors and auditors at our premises, without the need of using the space at your office (whether own or in form of co-working space).

We reply to the questions on the basis of our long-term experience in financial and accounting services while consulting the most important matters with your representative. MDDP Outsourcing will inform you of the course of the audit on an ongoing basis.

Accounting services based on the customer’s system

Although a transition to the system we propose is connected with many advantages for the tech industry (i.a. we will look after the validity of licenses, maintain the system and its updates), they will not always be greater than benefits arising from the maintenance of the ERP system you implemented.

The MDDP Outsourcing team has long-term experience in working with various systems, which ensures access to the highest-quality specialist services for the IT industry, without the need of making any changes in your system environment.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our offer, we highly encourage you to contact us or one of our stationary accounting offices: in Warsaw (Mazovian District) or in Katowice (Silesian District).

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