HR & payroll for real estate industry

Each of the entities belonging to the real estate sector – developer, real estate owner, real estate manager or investment fund – faces challenges in its activities. The key ones are strategic planning, forecasting market trends, budgeting, and portfolio optimization.

As a result of these challenges, the dynamic business activity of our clients usually means a reorganization of the real estate portfolio, a takeover (following the purchase) of an organized part of the enterprise, the creation of special purpose vehicles or liquidation of the company. In the end, this results in a large number of HR and payroll issues.

In order to facilitate work in larger groups of companies from the real estate industry, we often support changes in the representation of companies or management boards. We settle ZUS and PIT adequately to the form and variant of employment preferred by our clients:

  • appointment
  • contract of employment
  • management contract (a civil law contract)
  • part-time employment contracts
  • combined forms of employment (one representative of the company in different entities may be employed on a different basis)
  • B2B

We are also aware that changes in the portfolio of companies generate changes in employment for other groups of employees as well. We understand that for this reason it is necessary to complete HR and payroll tasks in a short time, which provides our clients with the comfort of making decisions without worrying about their HR effects. The effectiveness of our processes and organizational effectiveness allows us to:

  • process HR matters
  • update reports to ZUS
  • process PPK declarations, including transfers of funds from the existing PPK in accordance with the instructions of the employee-participant
  • consider the benefit packages due to employees

In consequence, this ensures the completeness, timeliness, and correctness of subsequent calculations of contributions, benefits, or PIT advances.

Our role does not end only with the ongoing service. In many cases, we actively participate in performing the function of HR Business Partner, preparing reports for the needs of the management board or simulations of employment costs. Furthermore, in addition to reporting labour cost statements borne by the employer in selected divisions, e.g., according to the company’s portfolio, we are responsible for reporting to GUS.

The benefits of this type of service are:

  • substantive cooperation from day one thanks to our experience gained in many projects for companies in the industry
  • immediate action in response to the client’s business decisions
  • access to our specialists through various forms of communication
  • access to software package for employees (employee portal, e-holidays) and application systems for HR personnel (e-files, HR system)

Online access to data and systems

Each of our clients can use remote access to the software we offer thanks to our Online HR & Payroll package.

Benefits and possibilities of the Online HR & Payroll system:

  • We provide the HR system. We provide HR employees with access to an overview of all data and functionalities that enable the generation of a report. If the cooperation model preferred by our clients assumes the independent performance of HR tasks by them and entrusting us with payroll tasks, we prepare a system for independent performance of HR tasks and operations by the client’s employees directly in our system.
  • Our clients can also remotely and on an ongoing basis use personal files in electronic form, the so-called e-files. In the 24/7 mode, from any location, you can search on the basis of many criteria (including metadata), view, print, generate the contents of the selected personal file to PDF. There are different views available for browsing: tabular for spreadsheet enthusiasts and in a tree structure for those who prefer the traditional folder layout.
  • Online HR & Payroll is also the possibility of electronic submission and acceptance of vacation applications. In this way, we eliminate the circulation of paper documents, shorten the time of accepting a vacation application, and speed up the provision of information (each employee has access to their vacation balances and each supervisor can track the use of their subordinates’ leaves on an ongoing basis).
  • As part of the Online HR & Payroll package, we also provide an employee portal. Each of the employees can submit the above-mentioned leave applications, view their data, receive PIT documents, or payslips. Thanks to this, we minimize the working time devoted to administrative service of employees, while increasing their comfort of access to their own HR documents.

Support for tax and social security inspections

Each control, even the seemingly simplest one, requires a specialist’s time. Therefore, we offer our clients the service of such inspections in one of our offices, i.e., in Warsaw or Katowice. Thanks to this, your obligations in this regard are carried out immediately, and our team of experts will be able to answer all questions to the controllers.

We cordially invite you to contact human resources and payroll experts in both our offices – in Katowice and in Warsaw.

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