The Prices of Accounting Services – Accounting Services in Warsaw and Katowice

The Prices of Accounting Services – Accounting Services in Warsaw and Katowice

Clients often ask for a price list covering the accounting services provided by our accounting offices in Warsaw and Katowice. In the case of simple accounting for very small entities (which we generally do not specialise in), where posting of several documents per month is only needed, providing such a quotation is easy. As regards larger entities (private limited liability companies, limited partnerships, etc.), whose requirements and expectations are greater, it is more difficult to quote the price. Therefore, when preparing an offer and a price list for accounting services for larger businesses, it is essential to establish clearly defined requirements, needs and expectations of such Clients.

However, to make it easier for Clients to choose an outsourced accounting provider, we have decided to present a basic price list covering the accounting services delivered at MDDP Outsourcing and to highlight the most important variables. It is not a typical accounting service calculator, but it will help better understand how we create an offer for a specific business. This will allow both our future Clients and us to more easily embark on an effective dialogue.

What is included in the price of accounting services provided by an accounting firm?

Keeping the accounts, especially under the full accounting system, dedicated to large and often quickly developing businesses, is a very complex process. That is why at MDDP Outsourcing, we focus on solutions tailored to a specific Client’s needs and to their business activities or the type of company or partnership they run.

Accounting, HR and payroll services, tax calculations, preparation of financial statements… There are plenty of variables, and a dialogue between the Client and the accounting office is needed in order to match outsourced accounting services to a specific business entity. It is for this reason that, without receiving additional information from the Client, we are unable to provide binding prices of accounting services on our website.

This is due to the fact that the estimation of the cost of accounting services is influenced, among other things, by the following considerations:

  • Assessment of the number of purchase and sales invoices as well as their complexity level (division into projects, cost centres, markings, etc.);
  • Whether the accounting firm will also enter them into the bank system and make bank transfers;
  • Legal requirements concerning a specific company or partnership (e.g. regulated activities, excise duty, etc.);
  • The number of persons employed (if payroll and HR services are also requested);
  • On which accounting system the Client would like the service to be provided;
  • The preferred method of document workflow (VAT invoices, etc.) – electronic or in paper form;
  • Will we provide services to one company or maybe several dozen entities from the group? And if the latter is the case – are they very similar, or are the processes completely different in each of them?
  • And finally – what specific accounting services the Client needs and which of them they intend to hand over to an external accounting firm.

We believe that the basis for a clear quotation for accounting services is a good understanding of the Client’s entity (the Client’s expectations and needs). Drawing on this knowledge, we can prepare a dedicated offer and quote the price of keeping the accounts accordingly. Such a solution is transparent primarily from the Client’s perspective: based on this approach, there is less room for doubts or unexpected changes, or adjustments to ‘bring the prices of accounting services in line with reality’.

Individual quotation for accounting services at MDDP Outsourcing

For all of you who would like to receive a reliable offer for accounting services including a price list, and to be sure that the offer will be binding and will not change for a long time of cooperation, we promise to do our best and contact you as soon as possible after you submit a request for quotation. On business days – even in less than 24 hours.

What is the process of quoting accounting services at our accounting office?

  • You fill in the contact form on our website.
  • No later than on the next business day, our employee will contact you and send you additional questions that will make it possible for us to quickly prepare a binding offer for accounting services, accompanied by a price list.
  • Further discussions on MDDP-Outsourcing accounting services are carried out in a way that is convenient for you.

The starting price for accounting services at our accounting office

For those of you who need a very rough price estimate, it might be assumed that the cost of accounting services for a company or partnership at MDDP-Outsourcing starts from PLN 1,500 per month, and the price includes:

  • daily postings,
  • bank statements downloaded and posted on a daily basis,
  • round-the-clock electronic access to data,
  • ongoing reporting of settlements,
  • monthly reporting of results,
  • unlimited calls and emails,
  • communication in Polish or English,
  • service from our offices in Warsaw or Katowice (also for businesses from any other region of Poland),
  • entering bank transfers on a daily basis,
  • and many others.

In addition, we present our quotations in a very transparent way:

  • We always prepare them based on the number of transactions.
  • For a better understanding of the costs included in a quotation, we present the key variables on a monthly and annual basis.
  • We do not differentiate transactions into difficult or easy ones, and we do not charge additional hourly rates for ‘difficult invoices’.
  • We avoid using hourly rates – we try to provide a flat-rate service price based on fixed transaction amounts.
  • We do not charge our clients for the time spent on communication related to ongoing collaboration, no matter if these are phone calls, e-mails or meetings.
  • We believe in our quality, and for this reason we enter into contracts for an indefinite period. We do not require minimum periods of cooperation.

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