Case study

Case Study. Accounting services based on the ERP - SAP S/4 HANA system and integration with the Webcon system

How does the ERP SAP S/4 HANA system work? 

SAP S/4 HANA is an innovative ERP system that combines the SAP S/4 application with an SAP HANA database. This unique technology is characterized by fast operation and the ability to analyze data from various perspectives – business, tax and balance sheet. This system allows for integration with advanced technologies and includes ready-to-use business processes for real-time data analysis and cooperation of various departments of the company where the system has been implemented.   

What can be performed with the ERP SAP S/4 HANA system? 

One of our accounting teams provides everyday services to a customer using ERP SAP S/4 HANA. This system allows for effective and efficient workflow management, time saving and automation of many accounting processes.   

Our accounting team prepared a convenient communication method with the customer that enables timely booking of data and reporting of finished processes. Manual tasks in the system were smoothly limited in favor of automatic solutions leading to shorter processing time and increased effectiveness and scope of large data bases.  

Currently, our accounting team has been working in many accounting areas and carrying out tasks related to everyday services provided for the customer, such as: 

  1. Input and booking of bank statements, locking and unlocking of contractors for payments, generating payment files along with importing them to the bank.  
  2. Working with the module of tangible assets and intangible assets (establishing and accepting tangible assets, liquidation of tangible assets, re-allocation of tangible assets, booking of amortization and generating reports on tangible assets).  
  3. Generating sales and purchase registers for VAT purposes, generating SAF-T files and exporting them outside the system as xml files.  
  4. Booking of posting orders by importing them through dedicated transactions and manually.  
  5. Booking and settlement of accruals and prepayments as well as of deferred income.  
  6. Booking of valuations and reclassification of accounts, settlements of the main ledger.  
  7. Creating suppliers with employees, making changes in the existing files.  
  8. Creating new accounts of the main ledger and off-balance sheet accounts.  
  9. Automatic and manual settlement of open positions on suppliers and recipients.  
  10. Closing and opening accounting periods by modules.  
  11. Generation of accounting entries, the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, the overview of turnovers and balances.  
  12. Verification of correctness of the booking of sales invoices in terms of accounting and taxes, print previews.  
  13. Booking of purchase invoices, settlements and business trips of employees according to the provisions of the Polish Accounting Act and the Polish Act on CIT.  

In order to provide an efficient input of accounting documents into the SAP S/4 HANA system, we offered the customer an implementation of electronic document circulation - WEBCON which is used to efficiently post purchase invoices and employee settlements after the customer’s acceptance and assignment, on many business levels.  

What is WEBCON BPS? 

WEBCON BPS is a low-code platform that allows for automation of the circulation of tasks and documents, increasing the effectiveness and quality of the company’s work as well as the protection level of data storage. The system is used for electronic document circulation – from handling incoming correspondence, through OCR (description) of the documents, to approval of data by customers and accounting teams at various acceptance levels.  

WEBCON BPS features a set of functions for generation of reports and charts, inspecting the ongoing work, task progress monitoring, and problem diagnosis. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface helps reduce the time needed for training new persons involved in handling of the system, which greatly enhances the cooperation between MDDP Outsourcing and the customers.  

Combining the WEBCON BPS system with SAP S/4 HANA 

The WEBCON BPS is capable of direct import of accounting data generated to the SAP S/4 HANA system. Thanks to the export pack to external systems, an Excel file with the data is transferred to the ledgers in a complete form consistent with the accounting principles, having also regard to data correctness in terms of CIT and VAT. The data are automatically booked in the SAP S/4 HANA system, allowing for further processing for reporting needs.  

The first step in the implementation of data export from WEBCON to SAP S/4 HANA was adjusting the electronic document circulation system to the interface of the SAP system. Our IT specialists, in consultation with the accounting system and the customer, properly modified accounting data fields in WEBCON, making it possible to synchronize them with the fields in the SAP system.  

At the same time, as part of the implementation, dictionaries were added to WEBCON with a broad document acceptance matrix in line with the company’s policy, based on which invoices will be sent to the correct people and the company can be certain that they will be properly approved and assigned.  

Integration with WEBCON 

WEBCON is a system which optimizes the operation of accounting processes, not only in the scope of purchase invoices but also in the area of settlements with employees and business trips. It is perfectly compatible with many accounting systems; not only with SAP but also with EPR, RAKS SQL and Symfonia.  

What are the advantages that convince you to implement the WEBCON system within your organization?  

  1. Safe data transmission in real time through the electronic document circulation.  
  2. Ability to adjust the system to the needs of various business sectors.  
  3. Adjustment of the acceptance matrix and levels and models used to assign the accounting documents according to the customer’s expectations.  
  4. Ability to export data to external accounting systems.  
  5. Efficient data reporting.  
  6. A friendly and intuitive interface that favors fast learning of the system.  
  7. Connection with the reporting portal of the Polish Central Statistical Office or the tax portal of the Polish Ministry of Finance. 


MDDP Outsourcing, as one of the leading providers of accounting services in Poland, ensures that the customers’ systems are in line with the applicable accounting and tax regulations. Thanks to our experience in this scope, we can provide a smooth implementation process of ERP systems and adjust them to the business needs. At the same time, the active involvement of our IT department allows for a correct configuration of the systems and maximum automation of the processes (from sending the invoice by the contractor, describing it, to correct booking).  

If you want to learn more details about the implementation of the ERP SAN S/4 HANA system and the possibilities of integration with the WEBCON electronic document system, please feel free to contact us! 


Author: Aneta Staniec-Kądziela Team Leader at the accounting office in Warsaw