Accounting services for investment funds

Entrepreneurs who continuously seek for methods of tax optimization may achieve this goal through closed-end investment funds. Investment funds are entities exempted from CIT, which means that they do not need to deduct levies from the profits they generated.

By using specific forms of companies and their correlations, it is possible to defer the taxation on income by reinvesting the whole profit in further undertakings.

Accounting office that knows the specific nature of investment funds

We offer complex accounting services for investment funds thanks to the long-term experience of our team and thorough knowledge in the aspects that comprise the comprehensive financial management of such entities. Among others, it includes:

  • valuation of the assets of the Fund according to the accounting policy and to the adopted Statute, and obtaining its temporary approval from the Depositary
  • making arrangements with the Depositary within the scope of valuation and accounting principles of the Fund
  • determination of liabilities of the Fund, the value of Assets of the Fund, value of Net Assets of the Fund and value of Net Assets on Investment Certificate on valuation days specified in the Statute
  • participation in arrangement of cooperation procedures between the Association, the Depositary and the Contractor
  • reporting for purposes of the Financial Supervision Authority and other supervisory authorities for investment funds and capital markets
  • supervision over meeting the investment limits of the Fund and providing information on exceeded limits to the Association,
  • calculation of reserves for costs of the Fund
  • a continuous cooperation with the statutory auditor specified by the Association, especially in the case of a periodic inspection and a review of accounting records and statements of the Fund
  • preparation of statements of the Fund required by the National Bank of Poland and the Central Statistical Office
  • electronic circulation of documents, which means a remote access to data and reports that combines all the funds, regardless their number

Modern accounting services for investment funds

Accounting management of a fund requires not only knowledge in specific accounting regulations, but also a well-organized circulation of documents, as well as constant cooperation with the association managing the fund and with the bank (i.e. the depositary).

For such purposes, we utilize our system of electronic documents workflow, which allows all interested parties to track documents online. Another advantage is the ability to gather all information on every fund managed by the association in one place, which then can be browsed in form of a single report.

The offer of an accounting office MDDP Outsourcing for investment funds involves a comprehensive approach to the management of all aspects of bookkeeping and accounting:

  • accounts management,
  • personnel and employee services,
  • handling bank accounts and generating payments,
  • legal and tax consultancy,
  • implementation of financial and accounting systems.

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