HR & payroll for medium-sized companies

For some companies, outsourcing of some processes is invariably a necessity, and for others it is a well-thought-out possibility to meet specific business needs, such as handling HR and payroll processes.

It is no different in the case of medium-sized enterprises. In general – a medium-sized enterprise is one that employs on average fewer than 250 employees per year and achieves an annual net turnover not exceeding the PLN equivalent of EUR 50 million. It is worth noting that this is only a way to run the statistical classification of companies, and many of the so-called a medium-sized companies can be considered large ones in reality.

Medium-sized companies are often entities with an internal organizational culture covering the complexity of tasks, requirements and needs, implementing many modern practices, also in the field of personnel service and management. They are very attentive to the comprehensive handling of HR processes (you can use the current terms such as “holistic approach” or “HR 365”), they expect greater application support – both for the HR team and employees (online HR), they introduce non-financial solutions increasing employee satisfaction (“wellness”, “happiness”), focusing on an individualized approach to employees (instead of a “one size fits all” approach).

This is why in the case of medium-sized companies, when deciding to outsource, there is no room or time for experiments, and there is no place for entrusting personnel matters to random suppliers. For many years, MDDP Outsourcing has proven itself in the area of outsourcing HR and payroll services for a diverse portfolio of companies and we can demonstrate our experience in handling:

  • many entities, both medium-sized and very large companies
  • entities from a wide range of industries
  • holdings and capital groups of entities
  • entities of various types (i.e., managing HR and payroll for a joint-stock company, limited partnership, limited liability company, etc.)
  • entities with foreign capital or owners from outside Poland

At MDDP Outsourcing, we constantly maintain the required level of competence that reflects the introduced new regulations, we gain knowledge of processes in various companies, and we apply control procedures. Thanks to this, our potential and offer are adequate to the size of medium-sized enterprises, which on our side will receive a full range of HR and payroll services and a much wider package of services complementing HR and payroll, such as:

  • comprehensive accounting services based on the MDDP Outsourcing system or the client’s system
  • tax advisory
  • reporting to shareholders, partners, and investors
  • access to modern systems such as electronic document flow, electronic personal files, and many others – ready to be made available without a long implementation process, and what is important, scalable.

For many years, we have served hundreds of enterprises, including companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and entities reporting to international groups. Thanks to this, we have developed procedures, implemented best practices, application solutions (systems), elements of process control, and communication channels that we put at the disposal of our clients. HR and payroll processes entrusted to us by large organizations are our everyday life, which is why we are certain that we are able to provide the necessary support to medium-sized companies. With the appropriate resources (team and technical infrastructure), we are ready to support the growth and development of our clients.

Online access to data and systems

Each of our clients can use remote access to the software we offer, thanks to our Online HR & Payroll package:

  • We provide HR employees with access to view of all data and functionalities that enable the generation of a report
  • If the cooperation model preferred by our Clients assumes that they independently perform HR tasks, and entrust us with payroll tasks, in such a case we prepare the system for the performance of HR tasks and operations by the Client’s employees, directly in our system
  • Our clients can also remotely and on an ongoing basis use personal files in electronic form, the so-called e-files. In the 24/7 mode you can search on the basis of many criteria (including metadata), view, print, generate the contents of the selected folder to PDF, from any location. Various views are available: tabular for spreadsheet enthusiasts and in a tree structure for those who prefer the traditional folder layout.
  • Online HR & Payroll is also the possibility of electronic submission and acceptance of vacation applications. In this way, we eliminate the circulation of paper documents, shorten the time of accepting a vacation application, and speed up the provision of information (each employee has access to their vacation balances, and each supervisor can track the use of their subordinates’ leaves on an ongoing basis).
  • As part of the Online HR & Payroll package, we also provide an employee portal. Thanks to its functionality, each employee can submit the above-mentioned leave applications, view their data, receive PIT documents, or payslips. Thanks to this, we minimize the working time devoted to administrative service of employees and at the same time increase their comfort with dealing with their own HR matters.

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