HR & payroll services for pharmaceutical companies

On the Polish market, there are many entities of the various scales of business activity in the pharmaceutical sector. They include, among others, groups with pharmaceutical facilities, foreign corporations, which took over production facilities through privatization, and representative offices of foreign companies.

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by the implementation and maintenance of high ethical standards and safe processing of data, which pharmaceutical companies also expect from their service providers. Efficient management, such as R&D activities, also requires the development of corporate knowledge by employing experts and providing them with attractive working conditions, including extended packages of benefits in kind, group insurances, Employee Pension Plans, or Employee Capital Plans with the employer’s voluntary contribution, and other company benefits.

Personnel-related matters and payrolls for pharma

Due to the dynamic character of demands, many employees are acquired by employing experts from abroad. It usually involves determining the tax residence and paying attention to additional benefits in kind because of the possible need of charging the personal income tax and contributions for the Social Insurance Institution. Similar determination might be necessary in the case of secondment of an employee (employed in Poland) to foreign facilities.

For companies from the pharmaceutical industry, MDDP Outsourcing offers the following:

  • complete hr & payroll services by applying safety rules required by the GDPR;
  • registration and reporting of acquired certificates, academic degrees, diplomas, and completed training;
  • acknowledgment (and eventual application of taxes and contributions, depending on the provisions of terms and conditions for remuneration, collective agreements, or individual interpretations obtained from the Social Insurance Institution) of additional benefits in the payroll, e.g. sport benefits, medical benefits, use of a company car for private purposes, giving the employee access to an apartment, internal incentive programs;
  • provision of functionality to settle the working time;
  • calculation of working time, including support in the settlement of production work, compensation for overtime in form of days off;
  • handling of Employee Pension Plans and Employee Capital Plans and reporting to financial institutions;
  • electronic holiday request forms (e-holidays);
  • electronic distribution of payslips and annual Personal Income Tax documents;
  • electronic personal files;
  • software-aided budgeting of labor costs (remunerations, contributions to the Social Insurance Institution, handling of long-term savings plans, etc.).

Dedicated services for the healthcare sector

Optimization of the use of employee competencies and of functioning of the organizational structure, which involves frequent changes in the assignment to organizational units and, consequently, HR management regarding such changes and, finally, generation of data for booking of the payroll that reflects the current employment status in each unit.

The pharmaceutical industry also utilizes work methods such as home office as well as new ways of settlement of working time in overtime or during business travels, through the possibility of “redeeming” or compensating them with days or hours off.

In this sector, without a doubt, a very important element is staff reporting for managerial purposes, e.g. when the production facility is located in a special economic zone, it is necessary to apply extended reporting regarding the employment status, a budgeting process in the portion concerning costs of labor, and in the case of financing of undertakings with EU subsidies – evidence of costs of remunerations proportional to the time devoted by assigned employees, individually by each project.

We believe that stable operations, increase of working standards, and combination of systemic and substantive elements in the package of services offered by MDDP Outsourcing are values that you seek for and take into account prior to commencement of cooperation:

  • For many years, our customer portfolio has included companies from the pharmaceutical industry
  • We provide services for both Polish as well as international entities operating in that sector
  • We support entities with a complex remuneration structure – with many payment elements
  • We automate as many processes as possible and, at the same time, enable the independent performance of tasks that are of the greatest importance for your employees, i.e. in the self-service mode

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