O nas

Agnieszka Bojar Manager

Manager in MDDP Outsourcing

I started working in accounting over 20 years ago in a small accounting firm. It was already there that I realized that working in accounting was right for me. The next stage of my professional path was the position of an internal accountant in a company that is a global supplier of financial data and business analyses. I was promoted there to chief accountant and, with the support of a several-person department, I was responsible for the company’s finances and taxes, group reporting, reporting and controlling.

I graduated in economics and then I completed postgraduate studies in finance and accounting at the University of Warsaw.

In 2010, I joined MDDP Outsourcing in an office in Warsaw. I started my career as a Senior Accountant, then became a Team Leader, a Junior Manager and then a Manager. Together with an 8-person team, I serve clients from the real estate, service, manufacturing and hotel industries. I am responsible for the entire area of accounting and tax settlements. Clients who put their trust in MDDP Outsourcing and entrusted us with their finances can be sure that they have entrusted accounting to professionals who have extensive experience and practical knowledge. Therefore, they can focus on running their own business and its development. In my daily work, I strive to be for my clients a partner who provides help and support in matters of finance and taxes.

While working at MDDP Outsourcing, I have had the opportunity to witness its enormous development. I have witnessed the creation of support teams such as the payments department, reporting department, and VAT department. I participated in several relocations due to the increasing number of clients and employees. I went through the implementation of electronic document flow and many other automation processes. I co-created procedures that became necessary for an increasingly large organisation. All these activities were aimed at developing MDDP Outsourcing – thanks to which we provide high-quality accounting as well as HR and payroll services.

In my professional life, I value professionalism, by which I mean striving for the best possible quality, but also the need for continuous improvement. However, the success of MDDP Outsourcing is primarily due to people who contribute to the success of the entire organisation with their daily work, diligence and operoseness. As a Manager, I take care about my team and I care about a nice and cordial atmosphere. I celebrate quarterly team-building meetings to talk to colleagues in circumstances other than within open space.