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Alicja Kostyra Manager

Manager in MDDP Outsourcing

Specialisation: Vat Compliance, accounting and tax services, outsourcing

I got involved in the outsourcing of accounting and tax services almost 15 years ago.

In the Warsaw office of MDDP Outsourcing, I am a Manager in the VAT Team.

I am responsible for tax settlements for our Clients, and in particular in the field of VAT. I ensure the correctness and speediness of settlements.  I provide professional services in the field of VAT registration, comprehensive preparation of VAT registers, VAT settlement, internal audits and tax analyses.

I am also a meticulous observer of changes in VAT regulations and jurisprudence. I know that the constantly changing tax system requires quick adjustments to current settlements, which is why – together with my team of tax specialists – we constantly adapt accounting systems and automate customer service issues, while striving to automate accounting processes.

I am a graduate of Master’s studies at the University of Warsaw, majoring in Journalism and Social Communication.

The quality that guides me in my daily work is built on the pursuit of perfectionism. The key thing for me is to focus on people. I support them in achieving individual and team goals. What I value most is the opportunity for permanent development and taking on new challenges, both substantive and technological ones.