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Ewa Włodawiec Manager

Manager in MDDP Outsourcing

I am an accountant with over fifteen years of experience in outsourcing, mainly in the commercial real estate and renewable energy sectors. I was responsible for the implementation and comprehensive service of Clients with foreign capital, support in improving internal processes and management of the accounting team.

I am a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, holding the title of chartered accountant awarded by the Association of Accountants in Poland, of which I am a long-time member. This allows me to constantly expand my accounting qualifications and share my knowledge with others.

Currently, I work at MDDP Outsourcing in Warsaw as a manager of the accounting department, which gives me the opportunity to effectively use my experience, share it with others and constantly expand my knowledge in the area of accounting and taxes. Currently, I coordinate the work of an accounting team, serving mainly clients from the real estate sector, service companies and sole proprietorships The variety of Clients I serve gives me the opportunity to develop professionally and implement the improvements I have learned on many levels. Working in external accounting allows me to exchange experiences within the organisation and optimise Client service processes.

As a manager, I demonstrate responsibility, an open, proactive approach and the ability to effectively build a team and maintain good relationships based on trust, empathy and work ethic. The key to success is broadly understood cooperation, not only within one’s team, but also within the entire organisation. This guarantees professional, comprehensive Client service, which translates into the expected work results and, therefore, the satisfaction of all employees.