O nas

Marta Zielińska Manager

Manager in MDDP Outsourcing

I started my adventure with accounting several years ago. I gained professional experience in outsourcing, providing services to clients from the real estate, service, commercial and renewable energy industries.

I started my education in accounting at an economic high school, then I completed master’s studies in Management Accounting and postgraduate studies in Financial Accounting. I improved my knowledge during industry courses and training.

At MDDP Outsourcing in Warsaw, I supervise the accounting team as a Manager. My daily tasks include coordinating the team’s work and managing processes so that the accounting books are kept with the utmost care, in accordance with applicable accounting and tax regulations.

Systematicity, dutifulness, and coping with new situations are the challenges that work in outsourcing poses to accountants. These challenges motivate me to self-improvement and translate into my personal development.