Case study

Case study. Modern controlling of remunerations, costs of labor and projects

In the era of digitization of projects in various organizations, effective management of costs and human resources has become a very important aspect. Different ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems allow a modern controlling of remuneration. Thanks to such systems, it is possible to ensure accurate time sheets as well as precisely analyze labor costs, which is mandatory to secure the profitability and effectiveness of projects.


Time sheets in projects

Detailed time sheets assigned to specific projects are a key element of modern controlling. At MDDP Outsourcing, we use the Enova365 system, allowing our customers that simultaneously handle many undertakings/investments to control the costs of projects and allocate human resources.

Project time sheets are managed according to a defined project dictionary. The distribution of project work time takes place already at the initial stage when the employee inputs data in the so-called “Employee’s dashboard” into the Enova365 system. It allows presenting remuneration costs of employees from a particular department who worked on tasks for a different department and/or project.


Analysis of the time allocated by managers

The effective allocation of human resources is one of the key challenges in project management. The work time introduced by employees in a particular project goes through a one or two-stage acceptance process through the Manager’s Dashboard in Enova365. The analysis of the time sheets in individual projects is possible from the level of the “Superior” (Department Manager) as well as the Project Manager at any time. As a result, people who manage the projects can analyze the actual time devoted to tasks in a particular project. This allows to effectively allocate the resources and to monitor the profitability of the current undertakings. Thanks to such an analysis, available in the “Manager’s Dashboard”, it is possible to quickly react and adjust the action plans to the current project needs.


Report on remuneration costs

Modern controlling of remunerations in an ERP system allows generating detailed reports on remuneration costs, both general and detailed – at the level of individual projects or departments. Analyses of remuneration costs constitute an important component of financial management. The purpose of the report is, among others, to verify the profitability of projects.
Based on the time allocated by the employees and the calculated remunerations, we can determine the total payroll costs as well payroll costs by selected organizational units, cost centers and projects. We also make it possible to report costs of remuneration by time worked, absence (e.g. sick leave).

Such reports allow for an in-depth cost analysis, identification of remuneration tendencies and an assessment of profitability of individual undertakings. The possibility of synchronizing data with other financial and controlling systems provides additional facilitation of financial management on a large scale.

Modern controlling of remunerations, implemented with the use of advanced ERP systems, such as Enova365, constitutes the key to an effective management of projects and human resources within an organization. Thanks to detailed time sheets, advanced tools to analyze and allocate resources as well as comprehensive reporting of remuneration costs it is possible to optimize processes, increase the profitability of projects and ensure better budget management. The implementation of such a system is a step towards creating a modern, effective and performance-oriented management of undertakings at every organization.

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Author: Agata Włodarczyk – Payroll Manager, personnel and payroll outsourcing Warsaw