Case study

Case Study. Outsourcing of a selected process – a project involving replacement of the Chief Accountant on the example of an IT company

It has been almost a year since MDDP Outsourcing started its cooperation with a large international IT company. It is a programming company i.e., operating in the IT sector, present on the market for 11 years. The company offers services in the scope of software development on demand which helps innovative companies and start-ups design and create digital products with the use of artificial intelligence, mobile and online technologies.  

It often happens that the paths of the company and the accounting firm diverge. This is when MDDP Outsourcing comes to the scene – it does not necessarily need to take over the entire accounting but it can still provide support in a specific process. That is how it was in this case – the Customer, having the resources in form of employees and accountants, wanted only to delegate the duties of the Chief Accountant and to receive ongoing support in bookings as part of the Enova system.   

The company’s accounting team was quite inexperienced in working with the Enova system. That is why we started the cooperation with a set of training sessions so that the accounting documentation and economic events would be recorded correctly. The training included aspects such as: 

  • Booking of bank statements 
  • Settlement of accounts 
  • Calculation of exchange rate differences 
  • Booking of purchase and sales invoices 
  • Booking of invoices regarding cost accruals and prepayments 
  • Booking concerning tangible assets i.e. documents concerning input and liquidation of tangible assets, calculation and booking of depreciation 
  • Closure of the accounting year and transfer of the opening balance 
  • And general technical information about how to use the system.  

At the moment, we provide services connected with ongoing management of accounting books and, above all, we handle the standard duties of the Chief Accountant, namely: 

  • The ongoing supervision over the work of the accounting team and support in determining the recording method of economic events and their classification from a tax perspective (CIT, VAT) 
  • Coordination of tasks as part of the monthly closure of books   
  • Overview of processes and documentation for completeness and effectiveness; presentation of proposed improvements 
  • Calculation of CIT prepayments 
  • Analysis of accounts and accounting records 
  • Supervision over the preparation and verification of JPK_V7M 

The customer was provided with a tailor-made service and so satisfied that they decided to extend the cooperation with MDDP Outsourcing to accounting services at other associated companies. Without a doubt, our advantage is that we have many specialists of VAT and CIT as well as know numerous accounting systems: Enova, Raks, Symfonia, SAP and many other.   

We are ready to adjust to the individual needs of your company and face any, even the most unusual requirements.  Feel free to contact us.    


Author: Elżbieta Pazdrowska, Team Leader at the MDDP Outsourcing accounting firm in Katowice