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Michał Bartosiński Senior Manager IT

IT Senior Manager in MDDP Outsourcing

I am an IT specialist in the field of finance and accounting.  I have over twenty years of experience with financial and accounting systems, HR and payroll systems as well as document circulation systems – both in terms of their production, implementation, integration, and supervision of subcontractors.. I gained key professional experience by working for three years as an implementer of an HR, payroll and accounting system and for ten years as a programmer of a financial and accounting system

As a Senior Manager at MDDP Outsourcing in Warsaw, I have been designing, creating and implementing solutions that improve the work of financial and accounting departments for seven years.  On a daily basis, I supervise the work of the IT team and several external subcontractors.

I graduated with a degree in Software Engineering.

At MDDP Outsourcing, we are constantly implementing interesting projects in which I take an active part, including: designing, creating from scratch and implementing an internal system for recording working time and customer invoicing, implementing an electronic document circulation system based on the WEBCON.BPS platform as well as automation and robotisation of the processes of downloading bank statements and importing transfers from/to banking systems, based on the UIPath platform .

Personally, I care about the maximum use of IT technology to improve the quality and speed of outsourcing services in our organization. What matters to me at work are the effects that can be observed in everyday work and the constant improvement and automation of processes.

I highly value the professionalism of the partners and subcontractors with whom I cooperate. The effects of my actions, i.e., among others: the proper functioning of tools and systems on which (and thanks to which) my colleagues work – are my greatest reward and motivate me to continue working.