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Sylwia Paradowska Manager

Manager in MDDP Outsourcing

I am an HR & Payroll Manager in MDDP Outsourcing office in Warsaw. The area of human resources and payroll has been close to me since the beginning of my professional career. I first encountered these issues while studying at the University of Economics in Krakow.

I have been involved with HR and payroll outsourcing for almost ten years. Outsourcing is a perfect form of work for me. Each stage of professional development that I have undergone in this industry has given me openness to new tasks, great flexibility in cooperation with clients and colleagues, as well as the ability to look for solutions. For me, outsourcing means dynamics, effectiveness and continuous development.

In my work, I supervise the work of a team consisting of several specialists. The group of Clients we work with is very extensive – from small sole proprietorships to large market companies. I focus on process automation and strive to ensure that as many tasks as possible can be performed using effective system tools. In the era of dynamically changing regulations, automation is crucial – thanks to appropriate parameterisation, we guarantee our clients a service consistent with the schedule and high quality of its implementation.

I take care of good relations with the Client, I am open to the needs, I try to adapt the additional offer to meet the individual specificity of each company. Dynamic modifications of regulations are difficult for our Clients, which is why I want to be an expert for them.

However, the most important basis for work is my Team. This is a group of fantastic, ambitious, open and responsible people. They are perfect! My goal is to make everyone in the team feel important, needed and noticed. So that they can develop in the topics that interests them. We like each other, we support each other, we learn from each other. We build mutual respect for each other and the Client.