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Szymon Churski Partner

Partner in MDDP Outsourcing

When in 1913 Henry Ford fulfilled his dream and plan, an car assembly line, he did not expect that he had perfected revolutionary rules of industrial production and that he would indicate how to use business resources effectively.

He was aware that his company should build its competitive advantage via specialising in mass production of affordable cars, among others like specialising in performing specific activities. A few years later Henry F. himself gave a frequently quoted rule of outsourcing: “If there is something that we cannot do better, cheaper and more efficiently than our competitors, then there is no sense in making it and we should hire someone for this job that can do it better than us.” H. Ford understood his own key competences, but even nowadays understanding own key comptences is still a challenge which can be tackled by very few companies.

Yet, it is only then that it is possible to understand whether, for example accounting, is a key competence and, as a result, whether it is worth specialising in accounting in order to gain competitive advantage in the environment of market competition, create new products, increase sales or improve efficiency.

In MDDP we try to create an alternative for you. Our practice so far proves that our Customers expect comprehensive services and products – our ambition is to deliver them.

That is why we take care of improving skills on a regular basis and based on our past experiences and analysis of your needs we develop new products – particularly these that are application-driven. Without the need for investments (the essence of outsourcing typical for accounting outsourcing as well) our offering brings solution that can improve both quality and effectiveness of your operations.

In case of your more challenging initiatives, apart from providing basic services, we are also prepared for implementing systems in line with your requirements, recommending improvements to increase effectiveness of business processes, and creating solutions integrating and encompassing many specialisations.

Collaboration is welcome.

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