Księgowość dla Polskiej Spółki Holdingowej (PSH)

The solution called a “Polish Holding Company” (PHC, Polska Spółka Holdingowa) was first introduced to the Polish legal system in 2022 and is meant for Polish commercial companies whose structures include Polish or foreign subsidiaries. Establishing a Polish Holding Company makes an interesting option for investors who are interested in investing their capital in Poland.

What are the tax benefits dedicated to Polish Holding Companies?

The top highlights of operating as a Polish Holding Company are tax exemptions: of income from the sale of shares of its subsidiary company, and of income from dividends received from its subsidiary company. The abolition of dividend tax and capital gains tax also applies to situations where the dividend comes from entities outside the EU/EAEU/Switzerland (except for tax havens).

Resorting to this form of running business proves cheaper than running a foreign company. Furthermore, it lowers the risk that tax preferences may get questioned on the basis of tax avoidance regulations.

Who can establish a Polish Holding Company?

The first requirement in order for an entity to be considered a holding company within the meaning of the CIT Act, is to run an actual business activity. The second important requirement to be able to be considered a PHC is that the holding company has held ownership of at least 10% of shares in a subsidiary company for at least two years.

What facilities were introduced in 2023 for Polish Holding Companies?

As of 1 January 2023, choosing this company model proves even more attractive since the previous 95% dividend taxation exemption has been replaced with a full tax exemption of 100%. Moreover, starting from 2023, simple joint-stock companies can also classify as Polish Holding Companies (in addition to the previously-eligible limited liability companies and joint-stock companies). These changes enable a wider group of CIT payers take advantage of the PHC institution.

Doing accounts for a Polish Holding Company – we could be of help!

Our MDDP Outsourcing experts are a hallmark of warranty on providing specialized accounting services for any Polish Holding Company and its subsidiaries. We are very pleased to offer a range of comprehensive accounting services related to any PHC, including solutions which are specific to this very model.

Our non-exhaustive offer includes:

  • Comprehensive accounting services for PHCs. We keep the books of the holding company and its Polish subsidiaries, taking into account the specific nature of the business:
  • accounting services for transactions, including those related to the acquisition by PHC of assets in the form of shares in subsidiaries;
    • keeping accounting records, regardless of the complexity and scale of the PHC;
    • providing specialized support for payment processes of the holding company and its Polish subsidiaries, while maintaining full cost control;
    • automation of accounting processes of the holding company and its Polish subsidiaries.
  • Carrying out tax settlements. We provide comprehensive VAT and CIT tax services for the holding company and its Polish subsidiaries (including tax exemptions).
  • Reporting services, including preparation of reports regarding the company and the capital group to which it belongs. We prepare reports for both internal and external needs.
    Furthermore, we prepare financial reports, both standalone and consolidated, while ensuring e.g.:
    • adapting all reports and statements to the requirements of internal and external stakeholders,
    • effective minimization of the risk of errors in reports and financial statements of the holding company and its Polish subsidiaries,
    • ensuring full reliability while preparing the reports,
    • handling the audit of financial statements for the holding company and its Polish subsidiaries,
    • preparing reports of the holding company and its Polish subsidiaries in accordance with IAS/IFRS requirements,
    • ensuring guaranteed quality of financial statements and reports prepared.

In our daily work, we utilize modern technologies and enable our clients to have a remote access to our services. This solution ensures that while dealing with us, any Polish Holding Company always maintains full control over the documentation and accounting processes related to its organization. We are experienced in working with various systems, and we can either use our accounting software or work with a system implemented in a PHC. Furthermore, we have an Electronic Document Workflow system to support the processes in the Company, regardless of what accounting system it uses.

Obtain a guarantee that the accounting service at your PHC is of the highest standard. Send a request for a quote now.

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