Case study

Case Study - Payment automation

Automation of payment processes for our Customers

Automation and optimization of the payment process is one of the greatest accomplishments of our company which was achieved in cooperation with supporting departments – the IT department and the settlement department. The payment robot (originally known as Robotic Process Automation) is a programmed mechanism that reflects human work at a bank. It is comprised of a set of coded instructions that “tell” the robot what is the sequence of specific actions, by clicking on individual elements on the screen.

Another part of the process is the mechanism that verifies the transactions in the RAKS accounting system that also adds the transactions to our internal databases. In the next step, the robot uses the transactions to create import files which are later on used by the automatic software that uploads the files to the banks. This stage involves no graphical interface elements. Everything is processed “in the background” with the use of the procedures that are automatically launched in the database. The procedures are initiated automatically or manually, depending on the individual needs of the Customer.

A reliable and fast service thanks to robotic automation

Payment automation significantly improved the payment process in combination with the Webcon electronic document management system and the RAKS accounting system, making it possible to handle more transactions in the same period of time. Another huge advantage of the process is the everyday input of payments to banks so that invoices are paid on a timely manner. With the use of the automatic payment input, we can focus on handling other tasks that, for various reasons, require human involvement.

The cooperation of the settlement department with the payment robot brings many clear advantages in form of higher efficiency of the employees, a larger number of input transactions and a reduced amount of work required in the manual handling of orders. Thus, we can provide top quality services to a wider group of customers.

At MDDP Outsourcing, we continuously strive for perfection and want to provide our Customers with efficient and reliable services — payment automation is one of them. If you want your transactions to be handled just as effectively – do not hesitate and contact us today!


Author: Magda Filipek – Settlement Department Expert and Mateusz Łukasiewicz – IT Department at MDDP Outsourcing, accounting outsourcing, Warsaw